Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Best of Body Beauty

Best of Body Beauty

Hi again! It's eventually autumn! (yay for cosy clothes, boo for bad weather).

Every autumn collection needs a luxurious moisturiser too make your skin super silky and smooth instead of dry and any product from The Body Shop is absolute perfection. Usually I treat myself every now and again to a range of products from The Body Shop because they are moderately cheap, smell insanely gorgeous and whenever I pass the store I just want to go inside and roll around in anything I can find.

The first thing I wanted from the shop was a body scrub. I always feel as though my skin is dry and flaky, especially in the autumnal weather and I needed something that wasn't overly gritty and wouldn't take half of my skin off when I used it. Classically the basic body scrubs are a winner from The Body Shop so I didn't hesitate to pick up one straight away. The coconut scent is one of my absolute favourites and this scrub is so smooth and creamy and it just makes your skin feel brand new. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you give this scrub a try. It is retailed at £12.50 and can be found here.

As there was an offer on at the time of buy one get one half price (this offer may still be on in some stores), I picked up the boy butter in Coconut too. This body butter is absolutely sensational. I apply it whenever I get out of the bath or shower or before bed and it just revitalises the skin and keeps it fresh and smelling divine. I also have an issue with stretch marks on my thighs and I have constantly used coconut oil to try and hide their appearance a little, but since using this body butter I have noticed a slight change in the colour of them, so it's great for body image too. There is also a shimmer option to this body butter which will be perfect if you are going on holiday or even a quick slap on if you are going to a party or on a night out. This is retailed at £13.00 and can be found here.

The Body Shop has a huge range of different scents to choose from and you might actually spend several hours just sniffing every thing you can find until you decide on the one that you want. I also find that The Body Shop products are great gifts for people, so you may want to keep an eye out for possible Christmas presents as everyone wants to smell like heaven, right?

Anyway, that's all from me. 
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Monday, 7 October 2013

Review: Baby Lips- Maybelline

Review: Baby Lips, Maybelline

Hi, I've been gone for so long I literally suck so bad at keeping this blog going omg.

Anyway, I was looking at my stats trying (and failing) to come up with an idea for a blog post and I decided that another review was in order. So here I am armed with lip balm.

I actually refused to buy Baby Lips for a good three weeks before I caved because I did not need another lip balm in my life. I have so many from Vaseline to Chapsticks to Burt's Bees and just thought "no, I am going to save my money. I. DO.NOT. NEED. THIS."

But then I was in Boots and I seen the Maybelline stand and I just couldn't resist any more, I had to try at least one of the Baby Lips products. These have been hyped about so much and honestly, I felt like I needed to see if the excitement was real.

I bought a 'Hydrate' one in 005- Quenched which is actually clear. I find a clear balm easier because I tend to apply them before I put on my lipstick or gloss and with it being colourless, I had no problem with my lip colour changing prior to applying my chosen lipstick. Anyway, I found this product very satisfying. I glides on so easily without being overly greasy or rough to the skin (sometimes I find the Burt's Bees lip balm can be like this) and it leaves a perky glow to the lips. The taste is very minimal but pleasant non the less and I found within a week of using this product that my lips are a lot smoother. I usually bite my lip frequently when I get nervous or anxious (aka. all the blumin' time) so I needed something that would repair the broken skin and this has been super great so far. 

This product is an absolute must for autumn and winter if you have problems with cracked lips. I apply it every morning and night without fail and it's became one of my essentials. 'Baby Lips' are relatively cheap, retail priced at around £2.99 (depending on where you buy it from) and can be purchased from any major drug store or online at the Maybelline website.

There are so many different colours and flavours and I can't wait to finish this little one to try more. Yippee!