Monday, 31 March 2014

Hello? *wipes away cobwebs*

Hi everyone!

Well, someone has been away for a while.

Yes, not intentionally, that person is me.

I've been thinking about my blog alot recently and the cobwebs that it must be collecting without a new post but to be quite honest, I've been absolutely swamped by work. Who knew A-Levels held so much responsibility and effort?! 

But behold, a new promise that this time i must keep, I am going to majorly work on improving this blog from here on out. The summer has some very promising post ideas and I can't wait to share and hear the best beauty routines and outfits to wear when the sun appears from behind the cloud (psst, we know you're there Mr.Sun). Also, I'm hopefully moving in September to go to University and I hope that means I can come and rant about all my problems on here when I'm feeling a bit on the down side, if you all don't mind.

It's nice to be writing on here again, and watch this space, friends!
For now,