Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Product Alert

Red Heel Tips by Coloured Heel Tips

Hello again,

So recently I've been super busy and unfortunately have not been able to get all dressed up and have a good time with my friends. However, last weekend I squeezed on my red dress and slipped on my black heels and headed for the closest bar. I decided that I should probably try the new product I was sent by the lovely girls at 'Coloured Heel Tips' as I'd been dying to try them out but just couldn't find the right opportunity to flaunt them.

The tips that are currently on sale at the minute are exclusively in red and black, although the girls are pushing to add more colours to their growing collection. Being a student with a not so high paid job I find buying new shoes for new outfits a chore and to be completely honest I just end up sulking home with no new shoes and putting on the classic black lace ones I love so much. 

The tips are quite difficult to take off, and you may need the help of a very strong person with a pair of pliers or a local cobbler to remove your old boring black tips and hammer in the beautiful new red ones. At first, I thought this was a lot more work than what it was worth but after seeing them on my shoes I fell in love. The red just instantly strikes you as something that is very rarely seen in the shoe department and livens up the whole outfit. My shoes are quite small-heeled as seen on the picture and the red tips just add a whole new meaning of life to them.

The heel tips are very cheap at £1.50, a complete bargain for an expensive look and can be ordered in different sizes to match the tip of various types of shoes. They can be bought at the website http://www.colouredheeltips.co.uk/  so go and have a look. Also on the website is a voting poll for what colours the girls should apply to their collection so please do take the time to vote.

Thanks for reading, 
Much Love,