Friday, 15 November 2013

Coco Chatter: Skin Problems

Coco Chatter: Skin Problems

Happy Friday, woo!

So today instead of uploading a blog post full of pictures and reviews, I decided to just take a step back and instead have a little chat about skin issues. As I'm sure of, most of us have had a point in our lives (or several) when our skin gets so bad that we cannot bare to even step out of the house without a shop-worth of make up on, and if you're reading this and thinking, "this has never happened to me" then WHAT IS YOUR SECRET TELL US NOW. Anyway, I watched Zoella and Spinkle of Glitter's new video on body image and even though it did help me feel more comfortable about my body size and shape, it also brought to my attention that maybe they way we are shaped isn't the only thing getting us down but also the skin we live in. 

I personally think that skin is a huge part of body image and if we don't feel comfortable we tend to hide away and try to cover the problem. Although our skin may have it's absolute star days, when it looks revived and glowing, there is those days with breakouts. Acne is a massive part of teenage growth, as up to 40% of us are effected by it and even though, acne hasn't been much a problem from me, my friends who are sufferers tend to feel self-concious and paranoid about the way they look and what people think of them. This then brings on the whole 'caked' in make up idea as girls especially use an overload of concealers, foundation and powder to cover up any spots or scars caused by acne or just general breakouts. 

Instead of using make up as a disguise to hide our skin's true beauty, we should really be taking care of it more. Even if it's just drinking more fruit juices or eating more healthy food, it's a step in the right direction to not only feeling great about yourself but also giving our skin the essential vitamins and minerals it need. Also, cleansing your face daily is a must, otherwise any dirt or leftover make up can leak into your pours and start a whole family of new spots and blemishes (we don't want this).

Finally, embrace the skin you have. Even if you have bad breakouts, focus on the positives. Do you have beautifully rosy cheeks? What about that glow your skin tends to provide? That sprinkle of freckles across your nose? Whatever your skin positive is, always remember to highlight it and feel beautiful in your own body. If you or someone you knows is having a hard time with acne or spots, maybe suggest a trip to the GP to find out what can be done for your skin, and in the long-run it will clear up as you grow older.

That's all from me tonight!
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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

GlossyBox: November

GlossyBox: November

Hi everyone, Happy November! It's been a crazy past few weeks through from October until now and I have been absolutely rushed off my little feet, socialising, attending vintage fairs and eating (alot of eating). In this time I've been itching to receive my GlossyBox for November and to see what miniature goodies were in store for me.

If you are unaware of who GlossyBox are, then let me give you a simple run through. GlossyBox are a company who send out little parcels of joy filled with 5 miniature samples from well-known and upcoming brands to us beauty lovers on a monthly occasion. This costs £10 (plus P+P) and you can apply for a range of subscriptions which are suited for everyone. The GlossyBox allows you to pick your interests in beauty and what products you would like to be sent on their website before your purchase. If you want to check GlossyBox out then click here (or for USA readers here.).

Inside my GlossyBox this week was:

The first product I picked out from my box was the 'Connock London- Kakui Eau de Parfum':

This product is retailed at £75 for 100ml which to be honest is a little stretch out of my pay boundaries (mostly because I use perfume so quickly) but I let my mam have a sniff and she absolutely loved it. The perfume has a distinct woody smell which leaves a floral sweet smell after a few hours wear. This product is absolutely gorgeous for a little bit of holiday luxury when you're feeling the blues of the winter but unfortunately for me I enjoy a highly sweet perfume. One for the mother, I think!

The next product in my GlossyBox was the 'Yves Rocher France- Cocoa and Raspberry Hand Cream':

If you know me personally then you will understand how excited I was to see a hand cream in my GlossyBox this month. I can not describe how good this product smells, the sweet cocoa mixed with the fruity raspberry just leaves the most gorgeous smelling skin. I feel like the ultimate Christmas cherry with this product and it's an absolute handbag must for keeping away dry skin in the cold weather. This product is also cheap at £1.95. BONUS!

Another product in the box was 'Emite Make Up- Micronized Eyeshadow':

The Micronized Eyeshadow came in the lighter cream shade, which is a complimenting tone for my type of skin type, although I have seen other subscribers who have received a darker shade. This eyeshadow is ideal for sensitive eyes, much like it's description as it contains no oil or nasty chemicals that may irritate the skin. The eyeshadow is shimmery and I have been wearing it all day to highlight my brow bone, it looks fantastic and I can't wait to wear it more often. This product retails at £16.80.

The next product I received is the 'Elegant Touch-Nail Polish Remover Pads':

Nail varnish is one of my favourite beauty products and as I like to experiment with lots of bright colours, I struggle to remember to take it off if I have to go to work or if my nails are horribly chipped. This product is super easy to keep in your handbag for a quick fix of remover if you're in a desperate state. I can't wait to try these pads. They are retailed at £2 for a pot of 20 pads and can be bought from all major drug stores.

The final product in my GlossyBox was the 3-set 'Vichy- Idealia Life Serum and Cream':

With this little bundle I got 2 Skin Idealizer Serum and 1 Smoothing and Illuminating Cream, which I am extremely excited about especially because I enjoyed the Premae sample last month. So far, the products smell delicious and feel great on the skin, not too heavy but instead light and revitalizing. At winter I tend to have a bit of a skin disaster with dryness and breakouts so hopefully these little goodies will step up to help. Retail priced at around £29.50 for 30ml.

and breathe...
wow ok that was a super long post, but since I haven't posted in a while and I enjoyed my GlossyBox maybe a little too much I thought it was necessary. 

Do you receive GlossyBox's? 

What is your beauty essential?

See you soon m'dears