Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Apocalips Lip Lacquer, Rimmel London UK

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while because of exams and issues in my personal life but I'm back and I'm armed with a new product review!

So the Apocalips Lip Lacquer was actually recommended to me by my mam's friend when we were having a little chatter about new make-up products and she told me that it was her absolute favourite at the minute. Now, after buying my own and trying it out, I'm finding it hard to disagree. The lip lacquer glides on very easily and is slap bang right in the middle of a gloss and a lip stick (which means more pigmentation and less stickiness, yay!) and stays on for a long time, I even tested the 'drink a cup of tea and attempt to keep the colour intact' and it stayed put perfectly. 

The colour I picked up is the 'Celestial' version and I squirmed at how cute all the names are in range as they are moon and galaxy themed. This specific colour is a subtle red with darker undertones and looks absolutely divine with a bronzed look, which is perfect for summer. Also what i find helpful about this product in particular is that it allows you to build up on coverage, just in case you don't want something bold and bright, a gentle slick of this lip lacquer will apply just the right enough to create a more delicate look. 

This product is incredibly cheap at £4.99 and can be found in most drug stores such as Superdrug, in supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Morrisons or can be found on-line at As usual my favourite store is Boots and the product can be found here amongst other Rimmel London ranges.

Star Rating: ★★★★

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tip Of The Day #1

Hi! So I have a number 1 top tip that I use every single day and I highly recommend it to anyone (especially those of you who are a little skin-concious).
When you wash and cleanse your face either at morning or night you want to get rid of all those nasty little toxins that have been developing slowly over time, like bacteria and bits of make-up that are just impossible to take off (mascara, you are our friend not our enemy!) The perfect way to get your face refreshed and clean is by using a regular method.

  • First use warm water on your skin, not boiling but just hot enough for you to use on your face without hurting yourself. Warmth allows the pores in your skin to open up and therefore you can clean out all of the oils and dirt.
  • Secondly, use a facial wash that is suited to your skin. 

  1. For very dry skin you should opt for a more oil-based wash such as Olay's Essentials Face Wash, which is refreshing and has a gorgeous citrus smell to it that just allows enough moisture without your face feeling over clogged. (This can be bought here for only £2.24!)
  2. For normal skin, I tend to use Simple's Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash Gel as it gently cleanses your face and is absolutely perfect for those of you who tend to have problems with sensitive skin. It smell gorgeous and is packed with vitamins to help keep your skin looking young and fresh. It's super cheap and can be picked up in most stores for around £1.50 (buy it here)
  3. For oily skin, you don't want to be adding more moisture to the skin so you want something that will cleanse your skin without drawing out more oil from your pores. Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap is a life-saver for oily skin. It's formula is light on the skin and does a great job as reducing blemishes and also for reducing the size of bigger pores. Although this product is a little more expensive, a small amount goes a long way. This product can be found in most beauty stores and department shops or can be bought here for £15.00.
  • After you have cleansed you skin with a facial wash, use cold water to rinse. Just as an opposite to warm water, cold water closes the pours and therefore stops any dirt from entering. This means healthy refreshing skin, yaaaaay!
  • If your skin needs a little moisturising afterwards then I find the best thing to use is Johnson's Baby Lotion as it's super delicate of the skin and leaves it silky smooth.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Buy of The Week

Buy of The Week- Pink Tie Dye Crochet Top- New Look- £19.99

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE WOOHOO! well, for us in the UK it's almost the best of the weather which still isn't the greatest but we'll just complain about it anyway. This top is absolutely stunning and I picked it up in New Look just because the colours are so vibrant and pretty. It's not usually the type of top I would go for because it's cropped and I'm not the thinnest of people but as soon as I tried it on I just HAD to get it. It's perfect for the summer as it's a light lace material and the pink ombre style is so on trend at the minute.

I would pair this top with a white vest top underneath the crop top along with white jeggings or denim shorts, just so it gives off that nice beach look. If you wanted to wear it more formally then maybe a pair of black skinny fitted pants or even a high waisted skirt, with a black blazer and some accessories to help accentuate the colours.

Although the price of £19.99 is a little risky for a crop top, it's something that I personally just thought "what the hell I'm going to treat myself" and since the top is so versatile with different outfits, you can pretty much wear it with anything. This top just makes me so excited for the sun. but if you are wearing it. make sure to apply sun tan lotion or you'll get a bunch of weird lace tan marks on your skin!

(Students in the UK can recieve 10% discount from New Look both online and in store if valid Student ID is shown)

The Face Behind the Blog (dunnn dunn dunnnnhhhh!)

 Just a few photo's to show you the face behind the blog, I don't want to hide behind an avatar and unfortunately you lot will probably see me without make up sometime in the future if i do a tutorial or even a step-by-step instructional post. I am a natural redhead although it looks a LOT more red on pictures and I'm not really sure why but yes I am pretty much flat out ginger. There are days when I hate my hair and days when I love it, it just completely relies on my mood of the day as it's just so thick and heavy, uurrrgghhhghgjdjsasdhkaj...
Anyway now i've bored you with the details, thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and if you like it then please share it with your friends.
Thank You!

Hi everyone! So, I went on a bit of a shopping spree this week and the main purpose of my spending was to find a felt tip liquid eye liner after watching videos on YouTube and seeing a lot of other people trying them out. I love my liquid eyeliners and use them everyday whether it is subtle or a little more extreme for a special occasion, so I wanted something that would stay put and was easy to apply. I picked up Collection 2000, Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner (Black) in Boots for only £2.99 just so I could give it a go and not feel upset about spending loads of money on a product which I could end up not liking.
I’ve used this product several times over the past few days and so far, so good. The applicator is exactly like a felt tip pen and glides easily across the lid without leaving splodges and lines like some eye liner applicators. Also a fab aspect about this eye liner is that you don’t have to constantly keep dipping the applicator back into the liquid as it is stored within the pen,woo! The small nib of the pen is perfect for getting in little detailing and is perfect for cat flicks. 
For the price of £2.99 I really couldn’t ask any more from this product as it’s practical (you can carry it around without making a mess!), easy to use and leaves a clean, precise finish. The only criticise I have is the fact that I found the eye liner wears slightly after about 5 hours but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed by a little re-application touch up. Overall, if you are looking for a reasonably priced eye liner that is either something you want to try out or even just to switch up your look then I definitely recommend it.
(It’s also great for those who are just beginning to use eye liner!)
Star Rating: ★★★★