Monday, 29 April 2013


I'm going to try and write a post that is not painfully awkward and at least attempts at being professional. Here we go...

Hi, I'm Chanel and I'm 16.
I'm from Newcastle Upon Tyne which is in North-East England (if you have seen Geordie Shore then it's basically there but just without all the drinking and whatnots.)
I've always had a passion for beauty and fashion but i've always been too cautious and afraid to do something about it.
 So, I was trying to revise for upcoming exams and got totally distracted with the idea of starting up a beauty/style based blog that could relate to teenage girls (and boys) who maybe can't afford some of the products that popular bloggers use. Obviously, this relates to me as I don't intend on splashing my cash on expensive make ranges and fashion labels, but instead use more reasonably priced products to try and achieve the same look. This blog will just have little features that hopefully will inspire some to experiment with new affordable ranges and is just a place to show the (lack of) creativity that i have.

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