Saturday, 5 April 2014

Save the Blow Dry- Yes please!

Save the Blow Dry- Moisture Eliminating Shower Cap Review


I received a new and upcoming product in the post last week to test out and inform you lovely people of the magical wonder of beauty products which are yet to blossom in popularity. With the 'Save the Blow Dry' shower caps I can insure you that not only will you spend approximately 90% more time in the bath or shower (not legitimately proven), but you will also cut down on the time wasted of trying to style your hair after a soak.

If your hair stays perfectly styled after a relaxing bath or shower than your hair is one of a kind and I insist on you sharing your secrets. Unfortunately, for me, that is not the case. I have naturally very curly/wavy frizzy hair when not styled with heat (see below) so when I decided on having a dip, the struggle of having to tame wild frizzly bits and tats is almost off putting. Cue embarrassing old photo...

Oh dear.
The shower cap is like no other. The product has a absorbent towel on the inner layer with a water proof layer over the top, therefore trapping all humidity and condensation which would usually make you hair explode into a mass of frizz. I worried at first about the cap fitting as I have ALOT of really thick hair, but alas the cap is actually quite large and fit perfectly with all my hair tucked away.  I've used this product several times now and have yet to be disappointed, my hair looks great and also doesn't get greasy as quickly. I love the retro turquoise, it's very appealing and the patters are super cute, urgh I love!

This product can be bought at for £14.95, and comes in a cute pink bow design also. Give it a look!

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