Friday, 31 May 2013

Review: Apocalips Lip Lacquer, Rimmel London UK

Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on for a while because of exams and issues in my personal life but I'm back and I'm armed with a new product review!

So the Apocalips Lip Lacquer was actually recommended to me by my mam's friend when we were having a little chatter about new make-up products and she told me that it was her absolute favourite at the minute. Now, after buying my own and trying it out, I'm finding it hard to disagree. The lip lacquer glides on very easily and is slap bang right in the middle of a gloss and a lip stick (which means more pigmentation and less stickiness, yay!) and stays on for a long time, I even tested the 'drink a cup of tea and attempt to keep the colour intact' and it stayed put perfectly. 

The colour I picked up is the 'Celestial' version and I squirmed at how cute all the names are in range as they are moon and galaxy themed. This specific colour is a subtle red with darker undertones and looks absolutely divine with a bronzed look, which is perfect for summer. Also what i find helpful about this product in particular is that it allows you to build up on coverage, just in case you don't want something bold and bright, a gentle slick of this lip lacquer will apply just the right enough to create a more delicate look. 

This product is incredibly cheap at £4.99 and can be found in most drug stores such as Superdrug, in supermarkets such as Asda, Tesco and Morrisons or can be found on-line at As usual my favourite store is Boots and the product can be found here amongst other Rimmel London ranges.

Star Rating: ★★★★

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