Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rather Yellow

Outfit Challenge: Yellow 

Hiii! I've decided to try and motivate myself to use this blog a little more that I should d0 a series of challenges based around fashion and beauty. So this week I've decided to look at all things yellow.

Yellow is a huge colour this season and the shops are packed with lemony treats. As it's summer we all want to be dressed in bright clothes and generally feel happy about everything because let's be real here, when is it likely that the sun will stay out for more than a few days (in the UK anyway, those of you in tropical countries, i envy you).

I've put together some of my favourites that I've seen either in shops or online and they're all so gorgeous.Thanks for reading and I hope I've helped showcase how beautiful yellow is this summer. Hope you all have a lovely time in the sun and remember to stay protected with plenty of sun protection!
  • Sunglasses: Neon Yellow Transparent Retro Sunglasses- River Island, £10.00. Found Here.
  • Top: Embellished Detail Shell Top-Topshop, £38.00. Found Here
  • Skirt: Yellow Embossed Pattern Pencil Skirt- River Island, £25.00. Found Here
  • Dress: Yellow Daisy Collar Shift Dress- River Island, £30.00. Found Here
  • Bag: Friis and Co Neon Yellow Bombay Bag, New Look, £39.99. Found Here
These looks are a little more on the expensive side but they're just so pretty and girly. Perfect for summer time! If you have a yellow outfit planned and find yourself struggling with what colour to pair it with, white is always the key colour to make you look innocent and fresh. You could also use brown's and blacks to create a more glamorous statement outfit.

My favourite yellow item I have found on my search has to be this beautiful Crochet Neck Midi Dress from AX Paris, £30.00 which can be found here. It's both fine detailing around the neck area just gives the vibrant yellow a touch of glamour and delicacy. I love it!

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