Wednesday, 7 August 2013

London Calling

UPDATE: London Calling

Hi again. So it seems I am exceptionally bad at updating this blog and I would use the excuse that I've been working non stop but thats not acceptable and I deserve a slap on the hand. 

Anyway whilst I haven't posted, I've broken my London virginity finally, hooray!
Perfect timing it seems as Princess Kate popped out the future king, Prince George (how cute is he?!) the night before we were due to go , so London was super duper busy. 

However we had a fantastic time eventhough we literally just got on our train after the final whistle blew whilst we were running about with coffees! Firstly we visited Camden Market which was really cool and artsy.

Because the weather was ridiculously hot we had a break on Camden Lock where there a band called The Kings Parade playing and I picked up their EP for £2, which is incredible,. I highly suggest you check them out at @TheKingsParade on Twitter and give Vagabond a listen.

Next we caught the tube to Big Ben and the real touristy side of London. Here are a few snaps.

We walked along the river at sunset until the moon came out and seeing St. Pauls all lit up is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. The next day we went to Buckingham Palace and managed to catch the changing of the guards. 

Sorry this hasn't been a beauty or fashion update but I absolutely loved London and I needed somewhere to express it. 

See you all soon! (I promise this time)

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