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Shade Me Up: What shades suit me best?

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I'm really super busy at the moment because I go on a cruise around the Mediterranean next Wednesday, so i'm sorry if i'm updating even slower then usual (i know.) in the next 3 weeks. Anyway. for the time being I thought I'd do a 'What colour suit me best' kind of post to help people who struggle finding the right shades of make-up to compliment their skin and eye colours. Let's go.

Brown Hair
Celebrity Inspirations: Cheryl Cole, Mila Kunis, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Kate Middleton

Brown hair + Blue Eyes: Stick mostly to neutral colours on the eyes or even chocolatey browns to make the blue in your eyes really pop. For facial makeup, bronzes tend to look super gorgeous on brunettes so try some gold's to contrast with your eyes and bring out the darker tones in your hair. Finally, the lips will look perfect in a nuder shade to keep the look pretty and natural, this will bring out both the strong colours of your blue eyes and brown hair.

Brown hair + Brown/Hazel Eyes: Try using a green's of a darker or lighter shade around the eyes as it will make the brownness in your eyes look desirable and mysterious. To match this look use a peach or coral colour on the cheeks to bring out the darkness of the eyes and hair, accentuating the green eye shadows. A dark coral or peach colour, much like the cheeks could be used on the lips, or even a clear gloss.

Brown hair + Green Eyes: For this type of look use earthy tones such as deep purples and mauve's to bring out the beautiful green elements in the eyes. This can be matched with a peach pink cheek tint and a darker lip colour like plum or berry shades to illuminate the face and dark tones of the hair.

Blonde Hair:
Celebrity inspirations: Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Emeli Sande, Cara Delevingne

Blonde Hair + Blue Eyes: With this look, it's easy to create a angel-like essence by using gold eyeshadows and bronzed cheeks to emphasise the radiance of blue eyes. This looks great when matched with peach or very nude looking lips.

Blonde Hair + Brown/Hazel Eyes: Using lilac and lighter purple shades with this combination always helps to expose a fresh look. I would match this with a almost raspberry coloured blush and red rosy lips.

Blonde Hair + Green Eyes: For those of you with blonde hair and green eyes I would use brown's to create an almost cheeky look. By using a dark brown on the eye lids with a nude blush and clear glossed lips, this look will look truly flawless.

Red Hair:
Celebrity inspirations: Nicole Kidman, Nicola Roberts, Karen Gillan, Amy Adams, 

Red Hair + Blue Eyes: (That's me, yay!) I find personally that anything with golden and bronze tone's on the eyes works beautifully to bring together the blueness of the eyes and redness of the hair. Match this with a light brown blush and dark pink lips to complete the look.

Red Hair + Brown/Hazel Eyes: Green always looks pretty with redheads but if you have brown eyes then this is your time to shine by using a dark green eye shadow matched with a peach or terracotta coloured blush and dark berry coloured lips.

Red Hair + Green Eyes: Although you may have green eyes, your hair will be shouting for you to use a light green eyeshadow to make your eyes pop. Match this with a peach blush and light coloured lips to create a beautiful finish.

Black Hair:
Celebrity inspirations: Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Kristen Stewart, Megan Fox

Black Hair + Blue Eyes: With this look you should try and wear more lighter shades on the eyes such as cream's and light brown's as you have bright eyes that need to be contrasted against your hair. With this match a light pink blush and dark red lips. Very classic and stunning.

Black Hair + Brown Eyes: As black hair is very striking, brown eyes can be used to help tone the look down by using golden shades or pink light shades. This can therefore be matched with berry coloured cheeks and peachy coloured lips.

Black hair + Green Eyes: I would recommend with this look to bring on the smoky eye by using dark browns and blacks, matched with a peach or light pink blush and clear glossed lip or very subtle reds.

So, I hope that helped you if you are struggling to find the perfect colours for you. Although this may be helpful please experiment with different colours and shades to find your ultimate look. 
Also I'm really sorry if I missed you out, I tried my best.

Thanks for reading.
Much Love,

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