Sunday, 21 September 2014

London Fashion Week Favourites- Topshop Unique

Hello again,

If you hadn't already guessed by the title of this post, I am adding another designer to my LFW SS 2015 Favourites, and this time it's Topshop Unique. I have been a huge fan of Topshop for a while now, all starting with their high street collections and then progressing into their couture collection after watching previous shows at London Fashion Week. I think Topshop always deliver fresh fashion with bold patterns and statement pieces, ready to wear for those who enjoy high fashion.

Once again, here is some of my favourite looks from this years SS 2015 collection...

This look reminds me of Sandy from Grease, it's very 50's rock and roll and of course the colours red and black bring out a real authentic and classic style. I think the way the designer has matched high waisted black pants with a cropped midi jacket is very flattering and I love the way the sleeves have an unusual shape, definitely one of my absolute favourite looks from this years LFW.

I think this look is super girly and chic, I love any top that is off the shoulder I just think they're really classic and bring an almost old fashioned look to the outfit.This look is very playful and the ruffling on the top looks great with the thick leather band at the bottom of the skirt, super cute. 

Now when I first seen this look I turned my nose up at it to be completely truthful, I didn't like the ruffling of the skirt and thought the shoes were not up to much. However, looking over the collection again, I have completely changed my mind and think this look is perfect for a city-goer in Spring.

Last but almost certainly not least is the gorgeous Cara Delevingne who opened and closed the Topshop Unique show this year. I am a huge fan of Cara and admire the way she can suit any look from grunge to elegant. This dress is floaty and embellished and I couldn't think of anything more suited for hot summer nights, I think the mauve/nude colour of the dress gives it a very girly flare with a reminder of 1920's fashion. 

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